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Steel business poised for move to River Falls

A retail steel center soon moves into the building in the far-right side of this picture; the location sits along Hwy. 35 north of the city on the same site as the 35 Auto Care shop.

RIVER FALLS - "We've been looking for another place to have a Steel Towne," said Jeff Miller, who with wife Debbie, owns and operates a retail-sales steel business.

The company offers new and used steel, as well as stainless steel and aluminum products "By the Inch or By the Foot," as the motto goes.

The Millers plan to open a second location of Steel Towne Monday, July 5, just north of River Falls at 235 Hwy. 35. The building has a common driveway in front of the 35 Auto Care business.

Miller said he and Debbie started in Elk Mound, Minn., in 2000 selling agricultural steel. As the number of farms in their area decreased, the business expanded to also serve small business, hobbyists and individuals.

Steel Towne offers some associated services like welding, fabricating, shearing and bending, as well as time-saving delivery. He said the business also prides itself on sourcing the hard-to-find materials.

Miller clarifies that Steel Towne is not a machine shop but offers all sizes and shapes of metal. That includes angle iron, flats, solid round, pipes, square tubing and more.

He gave examples of how people might use the metal his business sells -- for a box to hold maple syrup, a hook to hang bicycles, shelves for a garage or buckets for a skid steer or tractor.

Miller said he keeps certain inventory on hand for regular clients so they'll have what they need when they need it. If Steel Towne doesn't have on the shelf what a customer needs, it will help figure out where to find it or what else might work.

"We need to partner with our customers to keep them coming back," said Miller. "Otherwise we can't keep the doors open."

Read more detail on this story in the June 17 print edition of the River Falls Journal.

Learn more about Steel Towne by visiting after it opens, calling 425-1138 after July 5, or looking online at