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Work has been halted on the high-speed train from Milwaukee to Madison

Work has been halted on the controversial high-speed train from Milwaukee-to-Madison.

D-O-T Secretary Frank Busalacchi said yesterday that his agency told eight contractors to stop the project for a few days, in light of Tuesday's election results. He said the D-O-T wants to determine all the consequences if Governor-elect Scott Walker gets his way, and the train is stopped permanently. Walker said he did not get confirmation of what the D-O-T did, but he said he's pursuing legal options that would slow down the train if not stop it before he takes office on January third.

Meanwhile, a construction manager for the project - DAAR Engineering - said it's laying off two people immediately because of the state's order. And Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says the city will consider filing a lawsuit if the Spanish firm of Talgo does not get the work it was promised. Talgo was brought in to build trains for the Milwaukee-to-Madison line - and in the meantime, it's building two trains for Amtrak's Milwaukee-to-Chicago line and two trains for the state of Oregon. Talgo vice-president Nora Friend says no layoffs are planned now - but halting the Madison line would cast doubts on the company's future in Milwaukee. For now, the firm says an official request to build those trains is on hold.