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Positive economic news from Johnson Controls

MILWAUKEE - Wisconsin's largest company put out some positive economic news this morning. Johnson Controls of suburban Milwaukee expects its earnings to jump 20-percent in the next fiscal year, at up to three-dollars-a-share. And outside analysts expect an even bigger increase, to 3.11-a-share.

Johnson Controls is the state's largest company by sales. It reports strong orders for its main products - car seats, and heating-and-air conditioning controls for large business buildings. Johnson Controls said it expects a sales increase of nine-percent during the year which started on October first. Total revenues are projected at $44.2 billion. The analysts predicted revenues of $44.6 billion.

Johnson Controls has yet to announce its results for the three months ending September 30th. But the firm said it expects a profit of 75-cents a share, not including one-time items. The company and the outside analysts project earnings of around $10.5 billion to $10.7 billion.