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ATC to reconsider need for new powerline

PEWAUKEE - The American Transmission Company says it will reconsider the need for a new electric line in eastern Wisconsin, now that the Kewaunee nuclear plant is about to shut down.

Earlier this month, the Pewaukee firm asked state regulators to approve a $200-million project to upgrade electric transmission lines in Sheboygan, Manitowoc, and Calumet counties. But that was before Dominion Resources announced last week that it would shut down the Kewaunee plant next spring, because it could not find a buyer for the facility. The ATC power line project is designed to accommodate higher output from the Point Beach nuclear plant at Two Rivers. And ATC says the shutdown of Kewaunee would alleviate some of the needs for transmitting electricity from the area.

The company's planners will now review the project, and see if it's still justified in handling a recent 17-percent increase in power output from the Point Beach plant.