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Prescott bar and grill owner has special events covered at Ridgetop

PRESCOTT--Amy Hildebrandt believes turnabout is fair play.

The owner of The Valley Bar and Grill since 2000 said Thursday her parents, Kenny and Theresa, worked at The Virginian Supper Club when it was still in operation just west of her business along Hwy. 10. They then came to The Valley, where their fish fry and chicken fry brought notoriety to that establishment when it was owned by the late Joe Schommer.

Hildebrandt herself began working at The Valley when her folks were still there, she said. Meantime, The Virginian was sold and renamed Franke's Big River Bar and Grill, and she took over The Valley. Her father died and her mother is now employed at a bank in Prescott.

The latest change for Hildebrandt has been acquiring ownership of the former Franke's and calling it The Ridgetop. She foresees selling The Valley someday in the future and devoting her later career to this new wedding and special events venue.

"My dad started cooking there (The Virginian) and my mom waitressed, and they ended up here (The Valley)," she said. "I started here (The Valley) and plan to end up there (The Ridgetop)."

Read more in the print version of the Herald Dec. 12.