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State officials say they'll look into complaints about frequent flyer miles

MILWAUKEE - State consumer protection officials say they'll look into complaints from frequent fliers in Milwaukee who were not allowed to convert miles from Frontier Airlines to Delta.

Over 61,000 people took advantage of a one-time offer last summer to convert Frontier's Early Return miles into Delta Sky-Miles. The move was made to help Frontier passengers, after the airline significantly reduced its flights to-and-from Milwaukee. But two readers who ran into problems got their conversions only after complaining to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel - and over 30 others said Frontier would not listen to their extenuating circumstances until after the mileage promotion expired.

Frontier said cases were rejected for a host of reasons - including inaccurate information from applicants, and the prohibited pooling of miles from multiple accounts. But some fliers told the Journal Sentinel that Frontier wasn't interested in listening to problems - and they were left hanging until the promotion expired. State consumer officials say those people should contact them, so they can start investigating the matter.