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Slow and steady job growth in Wisconsin over the next couple months, predictions state

Another survey predicts slow and steady job growth in Wisconsin over the next couple months. 46-percent of companies surveyed by the Q-P-S Employment Group of Brookfield said they would add jobs from April-through-June. That's up from 40-percent in the previous three months. Only four-percent expect layoffs - five-percent fewer than the start of the year. And about half of employers expect no change in their job levels. Q-P-S surveys 320 firms, most in Wisconsin. The rest are in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. Fifty-two percent in the new survey said the slow pace of the economic recovery is the biggest issue facing companies. Forty-six percent cited a lack of qualified employees. Almost half the firms in the Q-P-S survey said they had open jobs due to a lack of skilled workers. There's been speculation that the U-S economy will slow down because of recent declines in China's and Europe's economies. But 48-percent of Midwest employers in the Q-P-S survey expect conditions to get better by the end of June - up from 39-percent in the previous quarter. Only four-percent expect the Midwest economy to get worse. That's down from 11-percent at the start of the year.