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Local nurse takes on Operation Renovation

Nate and Samantha Webb inside the newly refurbished 63 Express in Hager City. The couple has spent the last few months renovating the store, which include refurbishing the walls to cedar and custom-designed shelving. -- Photo by Tracy Webb

HAGER CITY - Most local travelers on Highway 63, are quite familiar with 63 Express, a gas station/convenient store, located next to Bluff's Bar.

Those same travelers might be doing a double-take these days as the store has undergone extensive renovating and upgrading. Owner Samantha Webb, the mother of four and also a nurse, said the installation of state-of-the art gasoline pumps, which include 24 hour pay-at-the-pump, has been a dream 10 years in the making.

"The pumps that came in with the Mayflower are gone now," joked Nate Webb, Samantha's husband, who was one of many friends and family which helped in the renovation. The couple is also pleased to note the curbs have been upgraded as well, so no one has to worry anymore about flattening a tire.

Samantha explained the result of a snow plow accident which damaged a pump led to the decision to not only renovate the exterior, but led to interior changes. "We couldn't make the outside pretty and not the inside," she said. From the bathroom upgrades and refurbishing to the walls with cedar, custom designed shelving done by Samantha, and upgrading and moving the pay counter has opened up space inside the store Samantha never knew she had.

"I can get so much more on the shelves now and it's so nice to walk inside the store," she said.

After dreaming of this renovation since she purchased the store in 2004, she is well on her way of fulfilling that dream. Now, the 63 Express station will certainly make an appealing sight for those who drive Hwy 63. And, in the evening they will be definitely be able to see her new hot pink LED sign. She giggled when the sign company offered the color. "Of course, I'd love a pink sign!" she said.