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Jury says Kohler must pay firm $10 million for patent violation

BOSTON - A federal jury has told the Kohler Company to pay almost $10-million to a Massachusetts firm, for infringing on two patents.

The Westerbeke Corporation makes marine engines and generators. It was awarded federal patents in 2008 and 2010, on new methods to reduce emissions in marine power generators. A few months later, a Westerbeke affiliated sued Kohler. The plaintiff said Kohler infringed on Westerbeke's patient rights, by the way it manufactured its gas marine generators with low carbon monoxide.

Kohler denied an infringement, but the jury sided with Westerbeke. The jury told Kohler to pay the affiliate 13-and-a-half percent of its marine generator sales, in the form of royalties. Kohler has not commented on the jury's ruling at last word - or whether it would appeal the jury's order.