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Chamber announces first medallion clue

The Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce released its first Medallion Clue pertaining to the 12th annual Cheese Curd Festival June 28-30.

Once you find the medallion, contact Raynee at 715-273-4024 to arrange for You must be wearing a 2013 Cheese Curd Festival Button (available for purchase at many area businesses, including the banks) to claim your winnings!

Clue #1


Celebrate culture while having some fun

Learn more of your neighbors and from where they did come

Diversity makes us the nation we are

Follow these clues and you'll be on par

Clue #1

A long snowy winter and a blink of a spring

We've earned our fair weather and the joy it will bring

Like the burst of a piñata, it could be your hit

Twelve years and counting, keep looking, don't quit

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco and seis

Publico land must be your base

Say "hola" to friends as you look for the peso

The goal is to be "Livin' La Vida Queso"