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Husco International of Waukesha announces expansion

WAUKESHA - A supplier of engine parts in Waukesha has started a $45-million expansion project that could add 150 new jobs at two plants.

Husco International is upgrading its assembly lines and other equipment at its facilities in Waukesha and Whitewater. A lot more of Husco's business is serving the automotive industry. Forty-percent of the company's production is for auto parts - up from just 10-percent five years ago. Husco CEO Austin Ramirez says his company helps automakers increase their fuel efficiency, and reduce engine emissions. Ramirez says the company's products help vehicles run their best at a wide range of speeds, instead of the traditional optimum of 55-to-60 miles an hour.

Husco employs about 1,350 people throughout the world. It expects to add the 150 Wisconsin jobs in the next couple years. State taxpayers will have a small share of the investment. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation says Husco will eligible for up to $800,000 in tax credits, depending on how well they meet their employment goals.