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PIG honored for hiring persons with disabilities

PIG General Manager Dave Deml says the work can be dirty, but the ProAct crew keeps things clean. (Submitted photo)

Paul’s Industrial Garage (PIG) was honored by ProAct for its work employing people with disabilities.

The company hired a daily crew and supervisor in the spring of 2013 to help sort recyclable glass, plastic and aluminium collected from area homes.

The work can be dirty, but the ProAct crew and supervisor are drawing compliments.

“I have people stop by our building and they’re amazed at how clean it is,” said General Manager Dave Deml. Since ProAct began, recyclable material processing has increased by 25 percent. Deml gave the crew more responsibility and said they’ve handled it well.

“They’re doing very well over there and PIG likes us,” explains Kyle Adams, ProAct job developer and sales representative. The crew has stayed nearly the same since it began. Reliability was key with Deml, and ProAct Site Supervisor Pete Quist has led the crew to do more than Deml originally thought possible, adding tasks such as material baling.

PIG was honored at ProAct’s annual recognition banquet held at Treasure Island Resort and Casino. The other business honored was Airtex Design Group, a Minneapolis-based manufacturer of textiles.