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Bank rep advises chamber how to improve customer service

ELLSWORTH, Wis. -- From a "grab bag" of advice, Sue Langer pulled tips for improving customer service at the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce meeting Thursday.

Langer, a representative of First National Bank of River Falls-Prescott, distributed small clear storage bags full of token items to chamber members to help make her point. She credited "Leading for Growth" by Ray Davis as being behind this part of her presentation.

Each bag contained a toothpick, rubber band, band aid, pencil, eraser, gum, mint, candy kiss and tea bag. She told the meaning of each item as it relates to promoting customer service, as follows:

--Toothpick: "to remind you to pick out the good qualities in others."

--Rubber band: "to remind you to be flexible--things might not always go the way you want."

--Band aid: "to remind you to heal hurt feelings, yours or someone else's."

--Pencil: "to remind you to list the good things about your life."

--Eraser: "to remind you that everyone makes mistakes, and it's okay."

--Gum: "to remind you that when you stick with it, you can accomplish anything."

--Mint: "to remind you that you are worth a mint."

--Candy kiss: "to remind you that everyone needs kindness every day."

--Tea bag: "to remind you to relax daily, reflect on the positive and look forward to each new day."

Read more in the print version of the Pierce County Herald Jan. 30.