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Vineyard permit renewal with additions advances

TOWN OF EL PASO -- The renewal of a conditional use permit for Vino in the Valley with two additions has been recommended by the Town of El Paso's plan commission.

Approximately 25 people attended a meeting Jan. 30, Commission Chairman Gary Waltz said.

Larry Brenner, owner of the area vineyard which began offering dining and other attractions to the public last year, sought the renewal. Besides continued operations, adding to seating capacity, digitally enhancing live acoustic music over an existing public address system, and revising the weekly schedule to include Saturdays and Sundays as well as Thursdays were proposed.

The commission supported increasing the seating capacity from 80 to 120 and allowing operations during a total of 75 days during a year, Waltz said. Members declined backing the music plan.

El Paso's town board was expected to act on the renewal at their regular meeting Monday of this week.