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Local Dairy Queen joins organ, tissue donation efforts

When does an orange donor dot equal a free ice cream cone? This Saturday, at any Wisconsin Dairy Queen Restaurant, that's when.

From Ashland to Beloit and Ellsworth to Manitowoc, customers sporting a license or state I.D. with a donor dot, or who affix a new dot, will receive a free cone.

Following in the footsteps of a similar effort in the Green Bay area in 2007, this year the dot-for-a-cone program is being offered statewide. In-store promotional materials will remind hungry customers of the opportunity.

Efforts to increase organ and tissue donation rates in Wisconsin are becoming more visible through partnerships with businesses.

Wisconsin recently passed the 50 percent mark of people in the state who have indicated their wish to be an organ and tissue donor.

There are currently almost 1,500 people in Wisconsin waiting for an organ transplant. Last year, 90 Wisconsinites died because they didn't get an organ in time.

To learn more about donation, and to share the wish to be a donor, visit: Click on the donor dot, send a quick email to the DMV, fill out the back side of the driver's license, and wait for the donor dot to arrive in the mail.

Or, visit a DQ this Saturday.