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Trimbelle: Liquor Lienses

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 - 7:20am

Town of Trimbelle

June 9, 2009

The monthly meeting for the Town of Trimbelle was called to order by Chairperson Jim Harris. Roll call with chairperson and both supervisors present. The monthly minutes were read by the clerk. Motion to accept minutes by Dick Leonard. Seconded by Ron Johnson. Motion carried.

Ron Johnson made a motion to grant class "B" Retail Licenses for the sale of Fermented Malt Beverages and Intoxicating Liquors and cigarette Licenses to Bendilly's Inc., Steele Horse Saloon, Gas Lite Tavern, The Big Horn and Clyde's Corner. Operator Licenses to Hanna Huppert, Sarah A. Ilavsky, Rebecca A. Lee, Melanie Schleicher, Madeline Huppert, Jeff Plummer, Michelle Markgraf, Tricia J. Motley, Heather Farrell, Eldon Huppert, Lucinda Reuvers, Lonnie Huppert, Ryan Pechacek, David L'Allier, Randy Ingli, Ron Neimy, Lucretia T. Aegerter, Erin Kenney, Becky Ingli, Julie Holley, Jerry Manke, Theresa M. Thom, John Waldroff, Stephanie M. Simacek, Charlene L'Allier, Tom Jackelen, Tonya R. Reis, William E. Fleischman, Mary Jo Christiansen, Barbara Beedle, Alisha Behrens, George Armbruster, Jacalyn Quist, Charolette Fick, Jessica House, Suzanne Fabian-West, Mary Jo Huppert, Julie A. Huppert, Kyle Strege, Kimberly A. Schwartz, David W. Gutting, Sarah E. Tellin, Cory Charles Brathall, Joleen Gutting, Brenda Freitag, Jerad E. Erlandson, Sara M. Gutting, Kathryn J. Gutting, James John Kubiak, Julie Ann Langer, Jodie Robey, Renee A. Roehl, Brett C. Murphy, Sheila St. Hilaire, Delaine Peterson, Carolyn J. Peterson, Patrick Q. Kenney and Ann M. Derousseau. Seconded by Dick Leonard. Motion carried.

Correspondence was reviewed and discussed. Dick Leonard made a motion to pay the bills. Seconded by Ron Johnson. Motion carried.

Dick Leonard made a motion for adjournment. Seconded by Jim Harris. Motion carried.

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