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Ellsworth Village Board, July 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 - 7:44am




Pres. DeWolfe called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m. in the Board Room located in Village Hall.

Members Present:  Trustees Dick Hines (7:00 p.m.); Neil Gulbranson; David Deiss; Rick Sweig; Kenny Manfred and Curt Wandmacher.

Staff Present: Clerk; Peggy Nelson, Police Chief; Greg Place

Others Present:  Pierce County Herald; Sean Scallon, Village Attorney; Robert Loberg, Cedar Corp.: Janet Zimmer, Karen Meyer, Jerry Forss, Scott Gulbranson, Lana Glass

Public Hearing Community Development Block Grant to development a joint public facility that will house the Ellsworth Fire Service Association, Ellsworth Area Ambulance Services and the Village of Ellsworth Emergency Operations Center:

Janet Zimmer from Cedar Corp. informed the board that they are in the process of preparing a grant application to help fund this project in the amount of $500,000, which is a matching grant.  The proposed building to be located on the corner of S. Plum St. & W. Spruce St. is a 2 story with approx. 4400 sq. ft. on each level with 2 project estimated costs recd, one being 1 million and the other $800,000.  Trustee Kenny Manfred questioned where the matching funds would come from with the grant being applied for under the Village of Ellsworth's name?  Trustee David Deiss informed him that the money would come from the services if the grant is approved, project would be done in steps once the grant is approved. 

Lana Glass addressed the board with a concern she had with the current facilities for the Library and Senior Citizen Center, which is not very attractive, questioning if the board had any plans for enlarging, improving the current facilities and wondered what was happening with the Army Reserve property in midway when they move out and if the Library and Senior Center could move into one of those buildings and is grant money available for these facilities.  Janet informed her that these 2 items are being addressed in the Comprehensive Plan being prepared for the Village of Ellsworth, and yes grant monies are available for libraries.  Trustee Curt Wandmacher, Village Library Rep. informed Lana that the Library would like to do something, IFLS has done a study and the Library is insufficient, however the problem is a location and money.  Lana was informed by Pres. DeWolfe that the Army Reserve property is owned by the American Legion and that it will be up to them whether they sell it or not as it is for sale. 

Adopt Resolution #2009-6 authorizing submission of a Community Development Block Grant application to develop a joint public facility that will house the Ellsworth Fire Service Association, Ellsworth Area Ambulance Service and the Village of Ellsworth Emergency Operations Center:

MSC Wandmacher/Gulbranson to adopt.  Unanimous.      


MSC Sweig/Manfred to accept minutes of regular meeting 6/1/09 as submitted.  Unanimous.


MSC Manfred/Deiss to approve payment of vouchers submitted for audit to date.  Unanimous. 

#17743-17745, 17769-17866, 17896-17931            

General fund-     $114,223.00                          

Water fund  -     30,968.91                          

Sewer fund  -       29,136.02

Public comment on non-agenda items:

Lana Glass addressed the board in regard to the Crossing Meadows senior housing complex she lives at, questioning how it happened that a public beauty parlor was allowed to go in their community room.  She and others do not want it there; residents were not asked their personal thoughts on this before it went in.  They do not like the smell of perms noting there is no venting, people in and out as there is no separate entrance, use of this room is part of their rent.  Lana was informed by board members that a cease & desist order has been issued as the property is not zoned for a public shop, original plans showed a beauty parlor for residents only, issue is being addressed.

2% Fire Dues:

MSC Sweig/Manfred to transfer 2% state fire dues to the Ellsworth Fire Services Association in the amount of $5748.14.  Unanimous.

Jerry Forss - East Ellsworth Business District signage:

Jerry addressed the board informing them that he and his wife own Snowball's Bar, he noticed that coming from the west on Hwy 10 there is no signage pointing to the East Ellsworth Business District, asking if it is possible to locate a sign as years back there was a sign coming from that direction.  He noted that coming from the east a sign is located in Roger Horstmann's yard.  Discussion held with the board informing Jerry that the sign was probably in right-a-way and pulled by the D.O.T.  Suggestion was made he contact the owner of the old record building and see if he would allow a sign be placed on his building, village will also work on.

Adopt Ordinance #593 - amendment to Municipal Code Section 8.02(4) to add retaining wall replacement cost sharing:

MSC Gulbranson/Wandmacher to adopt.  Unanimous.

Adopt Preliminary Resolution Declaring Intent to Exercise Special Assessment Powers Under Section 66.07 of the Wisconsin Stats. authorizing curb and gutter and sidewalk replacement on the east side of N. Grant St. from Main St. to W. Kinne St. and on the south side of W. Kinne St. from N. Grant St. to N. Bay St.:

MSC Deiss/Manfred to adopt.  Unanimous.


Plan Commission:

6/15/09 Trustee Rick Sweig

-MS Sweig/Manfred to adopt Ordinance #594 rezoning property owned by Mark Reisdorf, 254 S. Chestnut St., from Commercial (C) to Commercial District II (C-2). 

Discussion held: Trustee David Deiss informed the board that he has followed semi's to this property, feels it just does not work for a business, semi's are hard on the streets, feels we should work with him to find a different location that would be more suitable for him, he should have pursued the proper zoning before locating there, feels it is not a good fit for the town or residents surrounding this property and there is no job creation.  Trustee Curt Wandmacher stated he agreed with Dave, he has seen semi's lost trying to find the place. Vote taken with Gulbranson, Deiss, Wandmacher, DeWolfe no and Sweig, Hines, Manfred yes.

Members discussed the possibility of issuing a Conditional Use Permit; Village Attorney Bob Loberg recommended that the Plan Commission amend the Zoning Ordinance to allow for warehousing in a Commercial District as a Conditional Use, with a Conditional Use Permit issued to the current owner which would not revert to a new owner.  Trustee Curt Wandmacher stated he felt that a list of concerns should be given to Mark; his feeling is that the property should not have been zoned commercial to begin with seeing it is in the middle of a residential area.  Matter was referred back to the Plan Commission for an agenda item at the August meeting.

-Darrin Foss, 137 W. Grove St., unattached garage siding issue - no further action   taken

-Plan Commission continued work on developing a Comprehensive Plan for the Village.

Joint Water & Sewer/Finance, Purchasing, Building:

6/9/09 Trustee Curt Wandmacher - MSC Wandmacher/Sweig to allow the County to use Village facilities for support of the countywide wireless broadband if federal stimulus money is available.  Unanimous. 

Library Board:

6/30/09 Board Rep. Curt Wandmacher - June circulation 6,436, 65 new cards issued. Act 150/420 reimbursements submitted.  Summer Reading Programs: preschool 90 signed up, teen 28 signed up, preschool storytime 12 signed up.  3 new computers set up with 3 old computers converted for card cataloging, along with 2 new receipt printers installed.  Wireless is up and running.  IFLS is handling a DOA grant for fiber optic. Next meeting date 7/28/09, 6:30 p.m.

Health, License, Welfare:

6/22/09 Trustee Rick Sweig - MSC Sweig/Manfred to issue a Temporary Class "B" Retailer's License to the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce for a beer garden August 13-16, 2009 behind Jo Jo's Jewelry Store property at 300 N. Maple St., fundraiser for the Cheese Curd Festival.   Unanimous.

MSC Sweig/Wandmacher to hold Bobby Lee's "Class B" Retailer's License until July 31, 2009 to give him time to resolve the Seller's Permit issue with the State and purchase the license after which time it will revert back to the Village on August 1, 2009.  Unanimous.


Chief of Police Greg Place:

-National Night Out to be held on August 4, 2009 in the East End Park, invite to board members for help

-Working with Galen Seipel who is filling in for Zoning Administrator Greg Engeset on complaints recd on a building unfinished in East End.  They met with the owner, health issues unfounded, no vermin, no fire hazard and not being used for living purposes.  Building was inspected from top to bottom, per Galen this is a building under construction.  Siding is to be done around August 1st.  A Remodeling Permit will need to be obtained for the main floor area and outside.  She was informed that the upstairs will require a Building Permit with inspections and a Special Use Permit to allow residential use as it has been vacant over 6 months, now reverted back to Commercial.  Trustee Curt Wandmacher questioned how long you give her to complete the building.  Curt also questioned if another store front in East End someone appears to be living in was being addressed.  Chief Place informed the board that there is nothing in the ordinance that gives a time frame for completing construction/remodeling, something that the Plan Commission should address.

-Other complaints they have been working on are vacant homes, foreclosured homes.  They went in recently to property on S. Plum St. and had a yard company clean-up after no response was recd from the mortgage company, costs will be billed back to the property.  His dept. has recd a lot of complaints regarding business and residential properties that are not maintained in regard to weeds, garbage, and debris.

Trustee Neil Gulbranson agreed that it is time that the Village is getting on these properties that cannot maintain them and keep them cleaned up with board members in agreement.    

PWD Engeset:

Absent, written report submitted


Adopt Ordinance #592  creating Section 1.12 Returned Payment Charge and Section   12.06(3)(h) Class "B" Picnic or Special Event Licenses, amending Sections 11.10   (6), 13.06, and 11.11 (5/26/09 Health, License, Welfare Committee recommendation)

MSC Manfred/Sweig that we adopt. Unanimous.


Trustee Neil Gulbranson, Chairperson of the Salary and Labor Committee, informed the board that a letter has been recd from The Labor Association of WI, requesting to start police union negotiations, waiting to hear back on dates.  Chief Place stated that we need to get the present contract finalized before moving ahead with a new contract, language issues still need to be addressed.

MSC Hines/Deiss to adjourn the meeting at 8:04 p.m.  Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted:   

Peggy A. Nelson-Clerk Published August 12, 2009 2 1C