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Pierce County Board, July 28, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 - 10:00am


Tuesday - July 28, 2009 - 7:00 p.m.

Meeting called to order by Chair P. Barkla at 7:00 p.m. in the Highway Department Conference Room due to remodeling work being done at the courthouse. A quorum was established with roll call by County Clerk J. Feuerhelm; 16 supervisors present; J. Camery absent / excused. Also attending were Corporation Counsel B. Lawrence, H.S. Director Tammy Kincaid, Land Management Director Andy Pichotta, Economic Development Director Bill Warner, news reporter Judy Wiff, and members of the public. Agenda adopted by motion of D. Rohl / J. Kosin and carried by voice vote with all in favor. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Public Comment: Supervisor M. Pittman gave a brief summary of Farm Technology Days activities.

Human Services Department Study: HS Director T. Kincaid summarized a report by E. J. Olson as it relates to how Human Services is organized and the various program including budget revenues and expenditures.


Res. 09-07 Authorize Purchase of Pierce County Partners in Tourism, Inc. Food Stand Building on County Fairgrounds. First reading by Clerk J. Feuerhelm. Supervisor C. Simones asked if there was a need to take action on this item prior to the Fair. Chairman P. Barkla responded that there was no need or urgency to own the building before the Fair; no action taken.


Res. 09-04 Authorization to Use Jail Maintenance Fund to Pay for Jail Security Camera Improvements and Kitchen / Housekeeping Enhancements. Motion by C. Simones / R. Purdy to approve Resolution 09-04 as presented. Supervisor M. Pittman asked again about the length of time for the service plan indicated in resolution. Chairman P. Barkla replied that though the Sheriff couldn't be present tonight she did inform him that the service contract was for one year. Motion carried by voice vote with all in favor.

Res. 09-05 Transfer Funds from the General Fund into 2008 County Clerk Elections Account. Motion by J. Holst / C. Simones to approve Resolution 09-05 as presented. Supervisor R. Purdy questioned what amount was correct referring to the amount in the resolution itself and amount contained in review / request. Clerk J. Feuerhelm explained that the amount in the resolution is the correct amount and the amount in the review / request was a typographical error. Motion carried by roll call vote with all in favor.


Ord. 09-02 Adopt Comprehensive Plan of the County of Pierce. First reading by Clerk J. Feuerhelm. A. Pichotta gave a brief summary and introduced Bob Rudd from the consulting firm Rudd and Associates who assisted in developing the plan. Mr. Rudd then gave a power point demonstration on how the plan was developed. No action taken.


Ord. 09-01 Amend Chapter 240 of the Pierce County Code Relating to Wind and Solar Energy Permitting Procedures. Motion by C. Simones / D. Rohl to approve Ordinance 09-01 as presented; motion carried by voice vote with all in favor.



Pierce County Board Of Supervisors Does Hereby Ordain As Follows:

SECTION 1: That § 240-17 (240 Attachment 1, Table of Uses), as shown in Exhibit A, § 240-41D, as shown in Exhibit B, and § 240-88, as shown in Exhibit C; of Chapter 240 of the Pierce County code are hereby revised as shown in the attached Exhibits A, B, and C.

SECTION 2: That the revised ordinance shall become effective upon its adoption and publication as required by law.

Dated this 23rd day of June, 2009.

(The lengthy exhibits may be viewed in their entirety at the Pierce County Courthouse or on the county website:

Appointments: Chairperson P. Barkla appointed Michael Pepin to the Ethics Board for the term of 09-01-2009 through 08-31-2012. Motion by C. Simones / J. Holst to confirm appointment; motion carried by roll call vote with 15 in favor, 1 abstained (R. Purdy). Also reappointed Claudia Traynor, Rich O'Connell, and Jim Hovel to the Revolving Loan Fund Committee for a three year term effective through 04/17/2012.

Interim Administrative Coordinator's Report: Interim A.C. P. Barkla gave a review on current activities happening within the County including budget activities, ongoing bond project activities, etc.

Future Agenda Items: None

Meeting adjourned at 8:09 p.m. by motion of M. Pittman / J. Kosin. Motion carried by voice vote with all in favor.

Submitted by J. Feuerhelm, County Clerk. Published August 26, 2009 3