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Wednesday, February 22, 2012 - 12:00am

Invitation to Bid

Big River Snowmobile Trail Rip Rap Project

The Pierce County Parks Committee will accept sealed bids to complete a rip rap rehabilitation project. The project will consist of providing all labor, equipment and materials for a rip rap rehabilitation project for a snowmobile trail bridge over the Big River near Prescott, Wisconsin. The project will consist of removing the existing rip rap, re-shaping the banks and re-installing the

salvaged rip rap. The project will also consist of the installation of an additional 460 cubic yards new of rip rap. The rip rap will work will take place on both banks of the Big River and will cover 360' linier feet. Bids must be received by mail, or hand delivered, to Pierce County Nugget Lake County Park office, N4351 County Road HH, Plum City, WI 54761 no later than 4:00p.m. on March 09, 2012, in a sealed envelope and clearly marked "Rip Rap Bid". The bids will be opened 4:05p.m. March 09, 2012 at the Nugget Lake County Park office, Plum City, WI. The bid will be awarded by the Pierce County Parks Committee. Bid specifications may be obtained from Scott Schoepp, Park Superintendent, N4351 County Road HH, Plum City, WI (715) 639-5611. Pierce County reserves the right, in its sound discretion, to accept or reject any or all bids provided in response to bid documents, regardless of conformity with the specifications, as well as to waive any errors and omissions as well as any technical failure of any bid to be fully responsive. Such discretion shall be exercised in the best interest of Pierce County and its taxpayers. Pierce County also reserves the right to determine who, among the several bidders, constitutes the lowest, responsible bidder for the project in question. Bid price shall remain in effect for 90 days. Pierce County reserves the right to reduce its agreement with the successful bidder to a written contract and until such a time as said contract is executed by and between the parties, Pierce County shall not be bound to the terms of the bid in question. Pierce County is bound only upon the signing and execution of a formal written contract. By the authority of the Pierce County Parks Committee, Courthouse, Ellsworth, WI.