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VILLAGE OF ELLSWORTH: 7/8/13 Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, August 12, 2013 - 11:20pm

Pres. DeWolfe called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room located in Village Hall.
Members Present: Trustees Dick Hines; Neil Gulbranson; Michael J. Steele; Rick Sweig; Kenny Manfred, and Curt Wandmacher.
Staff Present: Clerk/Treas.; Peggy Nelson, Police Sgt. Eric Ladwig, Police Officer Darrin Foss, Police Adm. Asst. Karen Meyer, Public Works Director/Zoning Adm.; Greg Engeset
Others Present: Attorney; Robert Loberg
MSC Hines/Manfred to accept minutes of regular meeting 6/3/13 and special meeting 6/19/13 as submitted. Unanimous.
MSC Steele/Wandmacher to approve payment of vouchers submitted for audit to date. Unanimous.
#25719-25781, 25807-25858
General fund- $83,974.14
Capital Equip. & Repair- $46,216.00
Water fund - $11,213.01
Sewer fund - $46,306.47
Public comment on non-agenda items: Trustee Steele commented that the hanging flower baskets look nice this year.
Transfer 2% Fire Dues: MSC Gulbranson/Wandmacher to transfer 2% state fire dues to the Ellsworth Fire Services Association in the amount of $5814.69. Unanimous.
Adopt Resolution 2013-03 Budget amendment transferring Library Impact Fees to 2013 Budget for Library Building/Space Architectural fees: MSC Wandmacher/Hines to adopt. Unanimous.
Street Use Permit - Ellsworth Fire Dept,. parade 8/11/13: MSC Gulbranson/Manfred to grant permit. Unanimous.
Library Board: Board Rep. Curt Wandmacher (Minutes on file in Village Clerk\'s Office)
6/25/13 - Okee Dokee Brothers were a big hit in the park July 16th with over 300 people in attendance.
6/5/15 Building/Space - formed a sub-committee to look at various potential sites, good/bad, review and bring back to the board.
Parks, Recreation, Development: 6/10/13, 6/17/13, 7/8/13 Trustee Rick Sweig
Meetings held with representatives from the Ellsworth Community School District and Hubber\'s Baseball Association to address improvements, upgrades to Summit Park. MSC Steele/Hines that the Village commit up to $9000.00 additional over $6000.00 previously spent for engineering and consulting fees paid to Profields contingent upon funding sources that may come in that would be shared equally. Unanimous.
Finance, Purchasing, Buildings: 7/8/13 Trustee Curt Wandmacher
MSC Wandmacher/Gulbranson to approve letting of bids for a new squad car. Unanimous.
MSC Wandmacher/Steele to approve reimbursement to Quinn Motors Inc. in the amount of $43,630.48 from TID 10 per agreement. Unanimous.
MSC Gulbranson/Wandmacher to give the Village Clerk the authority to get a WI Seller\'s Permit number. Unanimous.
Dept. Head reports:
Police Dept.:
-Sgt. Eric Ladwig reported that the Cheese Curd Festival went well and weather cooperated. Signage went well for parade with group handling the signs.
-Grant rec\'d thru Red Wing Wal-Mart for equipment purchase.
-Karen reported on National Night Out coming on August 6th, looking for help from board members, sending a sign-up sheet around.
PWD/Zoning Administrator:
Submitted a written report on file in the Village Clerk’s Office.
-Creamery grate has been installed, part of TID 8 project.
-Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction Project; minor grading to be done yet, cement work has been completed. Limits have been met 2 weeks in a row, missed last week, getting better.
-New grader was delivered week of June 10th.
-Turning lanes on Hwy 10 in front of McDonalds should be painted within the next 2 weeks per D.O.T..
-Finance Committee items to discuss are street projects and snow removal budget.
No report
Adjournment: MSC Manfred/Steele to adjourn the meeting at 7:35 p.m. Unanimous.
Respectfully submitted,
Peggy A. Nelson-Clerk
_______________________________ (Pub. 08/14/13) WNAXLP