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VILLAGE OF ELLSWORTH: 9/9/13 Board Meeting Agenda

Friday, August 30, 2013 - 11:20pm

September 9, 2013 - 7:00PM
1. Call to order - 10 minute discussion limit on all agenda and non-agenda items per Roberts Rules of Order, the Village Board may suspend this rule if deemed necessary, no board action may be taken on non-agenda items; 2. Approve minutes - 8/5/2013;
3. Approve Bills; 4. Public comment on non-agenda items; 5. MS&R Architects - present Library Building/Site evaluations; 6. Adopt Ordinance #634 - amend Sec. 7.05 (3) of the Municipal code "Parking Restrictions - No parking "; 7. Adopt Ordinance #635 amend Section 7.086 and 14.06(1) of the Municipal Code (Code clean-up items); 8. Acknowledge receipt of Lion\'s Head fountain in East End Park from Lion\'s Club;
9. Committee/Commission Meeting reports/
Joint Review Board - 8/14/13 TID 11 creation (Information only); Housing Committee - 8/14/13 CDBG loans (Information only); A. Plan Commission: 8/19/13 Adopted resolution adopting Project Plan and Creation of TID 11, Adopt Resolution #2013-05 adopting Project Plan and Creation of TID 11, Adopt Resolution #2013-06 Creating and Establishing Boundaries for TID 11; Foley LLC building and site plan approval 300 W. Industrial Rd; CSM approval Al Hines Construction, Town of Ellsworth, 490th Ave. & 610th St. which falls into the Extraterritorial Subdivision and Platting Boundary of the Village of Ellsworth;
B. ETZ; C. Board of Appeals;
D. Water and Sewer: 8/13/13 - Awarded bid to Albrightson Excavating for $249,595.60 for TID 9 Senior Properties of Ellsworth LLC water main extension and right turn lane (Per Village Board authorization on 8/5/13); E. Street & Sidewalk; F. Salary and
Labor: 8/20/13 - Police Chief application screening, set up interviews; 8/26/13 - Eau Claire trip to Weld, Riley, Prenn & Ricci SC Attorneys at Law; G. Library Board – 8/27/13 monthly meeting Building/Space - 8/12/13;
H. Parks, Recreation, & Development: 8/13/13 -
Meeting with Chamber Board members: Process/plan to encourage absentee land owners to maintain and
improve their properties in Ellsworth, form, Ad-Hoc Committee; East End and Summit Park bathroom facility planned upgrades by Cheese Curd Festival Committee; 2013 Cheese Curd Festival recap, 2014 festival plans; 9/4/13 - Summit Park Ball Diamond upgrades, Hubber\'s Baseball Assoc. Village loan details/agreement; I. Finance, Purchasing, Buildings 8/28/13: Approve Snow blower purchase from Macqueen Equipment Inc. $82,750.00; Approve Squad Car purchase from Ellsworth Ford $24,503.25; Approve TID 8 payment to Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery in the amount of $31,638.00;
J. Public Safety; K. Health, License, Welfare; L. Solid Waste, Cable TV, Special Committee; M. Cemetery; 10. Department Head reports: Department update/activity: A. Police Dept.; B. Director of Public Works/Zoning Administrator; C. Clerk/Treas.;
11. Adjournment.
Peggy A. Nelson-Clerk
(Pub. 09/04/13) WNAXLP