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TOWN OF EL PASO: Ordinance 2013-01 (Nonmetallic Mine Operator\'s License)

Monday, December 16, 2013 - 11:20pm

Notice of Newly Enacted Ordinance
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on December 9, 2013, the Town of El Paso, Pierce County, Wisconsin adopted Ordinance 2013-01, Nonmetallic Mine Operator’s License.
The purpose of this Ordinance is to provide minimum standards for all nonmetallic mining operations in the Town, and to require licenses for nonmetallic mining operators in order to protect public health and safety, to preserve the scenic beauty of the Town’s landscapes and environment, to protect the public from damage to both the quantity and quality of ground and surface waters, to minimize or prevent adverse impacts from on-site and off-site operations, and to promote the general welfare of the people and communities within the Town of El Paso.
FURTHER NOTICE IS GIVEN that the full text of Ordinance 2013-01 may be obtained from the El Paso Town Clerk’s office, N5325 450th St., Ellsworth, WI, telephone (715) 273- 4811 #2. Also, the ordinance is available on the Town’s website at – Municipal Government.
Dated this 10th day of December, 2013.
Melanie J. Schoepp, Clerk
Town of El Paso
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