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VILLAGE OF ELLSWORTH: Ordinance No. 638 (Bow Hunting)

Monday, April 21, 2014 - 11:20pm

An Ordinance amending Section 9.03 of the Municipal Code of the Village of Ellsworth.
WHEREAS, Wis. Stat. Section 29.038 prohibits local governmental unit restrictions with respect to hunting with a bow and arrow or crossbow, except on any portion of land that the unit owns or leases, but does permit restrictions having only an incidental effect on hunting, fishing or trapping if the primary purpose is to further public health or safety.
NOW THEREFORE, the Village Board of the Village of Ellsworth does hereby ordain as follows:
Section 1. Sec. 9.03 is hereby renumbered 9.03(1). The
word “building” is deleted from said section.
Section 2. Sec. 9.03(2) is hereby created to read as follows:
“No person may hunt with a bow and arrow or crossbow within one hundred yards of any building located on another person’s land, unless the owner of the building allows the hunter to hunt within a lesser distance from the other’s building. Any person who hunts with a bow and arrow or crossbow must discharge the arrow or bolt from the respective weapon toward the ground.”
Section 3. This Ordinance shall take effect upon passage and publication.
Passed and adopted 15th day of April, 2014.
/s/ Gerald DeWolfe, President
Attest: /s/ Peggy Nelson, Clerk
______________________________ (Pub. 04/23/14) WNAXLP