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VILLAGE OF ELLSWORTH: 9/8/14 Board Meeting Agenda

Friday, August 29, 2014 - 11:20pm

September 8, 2014 - 7:00PM
1. Call to order - 10 minute discussion limit on all agenda and non-agenda items per Roberts Rules of Order, the Village Board may suspend this rule if deemed necessary, no board action may be taken on non-agenda items;
2. Approve minutes- 8/4/14; 3. Approve bills; 4. Public comment on non-agenda items; 5. Adopt Resolution 2014-03; 2014 Budget amendment; 6. Committee/
Commission reports/
A. Plan Commission;
B. ETZ; C. Board of Appeals;
D. Water and Sewer;
E. Street & Sidewalk: 8/18/14 Modified Golf Cart Ordinance request, opinion from WI League of Municipalities legal counsel and Village Attorney; 8/19/14 - 2016 Improvement Project S. Piety St. to Hwy 10/63, WisDOT meeting; F. Salary and Labor; G. Library Board - 8/26/14 monthly meeting; Building/Space - 8/11/14; H. Parks, Recreation, Development; I. Finance, Purchasing, Buildings 8/13/14: Approve Microsoft Surface 2 tablet purchase and data plan; Approve Tablet Usage Policy, Acknowledgement/ Acceptance; Approve 5 year Space Lease with WI DNR; Approve a stipend of $350 to Maple Grove Cemetery Sexton; Set meeting date to review 2014 Budget and 2015 Budget department head requests, levy limits; J. Public Safety 8/21/14: Ambulance Operating Committee; K. Health, License, Welfare 9/8/14: Approve a "Class B" Retailer\'s License Application: October 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015, Common Man Brewing, Inc., 193 E. Main St., Agent - Russell Korpela; Approve Special Event Dance License Application: September 20, 2014, Ellsworth Fire Service Association; L. Solid Waste, Cable TV, Special Committee; M. Cemetery;
7. Department Head Reports
Department activity/ update: A. Police Dept.- Set meeting date for Salary & Labor Committee; Police Sgt.
Position; B. Director of Public Works/Zoning Administrator; C. Clerk/Treas.;
8. Adjournment.
Peggy A. Nelson-Clerk
(Pub. 09/03/14) WNAXLP