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Be skeptical of global warming deniers, he says

Be skeptical of global warming deniers, he says


Sorry, but a series of factoids gleaned from global-warming denier websites is not going to change the fact that the vast majority of the world's real scientists (and governments) are in agreement that the earth's climate is changing, that the rate of change is accelerating, and is largely related to the vast increase in fossil-fuel emissions into the atmosphere and the resultant "green-house" effect.

And that doing nothing presents potentially grave risks to the future of life on earth.

Yes, there are people and well-funded interest groups who deny the scientific consensus, just as there are those who deny the Holocaust, people who believe 9-11 was a U.S. government plot and those who believe the moon-landings took place on a Hollywood movie set. Their purpose is political propaganda, not scientific inquiry--to preserve the status quo on behalf of powerful economic interests, regardless of the damage to the country or the planet. They have about as much credibility as the crack-pot "birthers," who continue to claim the President was born in Kenya, and therefore is not really president.

Smearing Al Gore has been a favorite activity of these far-right political hacks for a dozen years. He was awarded a Nobel Prize for his efforts to stem global warming. It is the most prestigious award in the world and was given by people who have some idea what they are talking about, unlike his attackers.

Ron Zaudke