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Corn planting well behind schedule in state

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Pierce County Herald
Corn planting well behind schedule in state
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Corn planting continues to be behind schedule in Wisconsin, as a result of the wet spring and heavy soil moisture.

Officials say 81-percent of corn is in, 18-percent below normal for the date. About three-fifths of the corn has emerged, down from the norm of 87-percent. Farmers say a lot of what has emerged is very yellow. Soybean planting is only 55-percent complete. Almost all of the beans are normally in by now. Farmers are also behind on their initial hay harvests. Seventeen-percent of the first crop is in, less than the norm of 50-percent. Recent rain continues to cause problems. Forty-four percent of the state's topsoil has surplus moisture, and 26-percent of the subsoil moisture has a surplus. Most areas have received above-normal precipitation for the year. Madison is the most above the norm, by almost eight-and-a-half inches.

Temperatures are somewhat warmer this week, but it didn't help farmers that it was 5-to-7-degrees cooler-than-normal last week.