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County enacts no-wake ordinance on Mississippi

A barge passes by Levee Park Thursday morning as the Mississippi River continues to flood onto city streets. Goodhue County Board passed an emergency no-wake restriction stopping motorboats from exceeding 5 miles per hour until the river level drops below 11 feet. (Republican Eagle photo by Michael Brun)

Goodhue County Board met in emergency session Thursday morning to approve a no-wake restriction on the engorged Mississippi River.

The ordinance restricts motorboats on the Goodhue County portions of the river and connecting channels from exceeding “slow-minimum wake speed,” defined as less than planing speed and no greater 5 miles per hour. A violation of the ordinance will result in a misdemeanor penalty.

The ordinance will remain in place until the river level at Red Wing drops below 11 feet. The river currently sits at around 14 feet and is predicted to surpass 15 feet by Sunday.