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Discarded scrap leads to break in burglary case

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WOODBURY, Minn. -- When tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment was stolen last year from a high-profile construction site in Woodbury, investigators combed the scene for clues.


In an ironic twist, it was evidence left behind from a legally purchased item that led police to their man.

According to court documents, a UPC label from a bolt cutter purchased at the Woodbury Home Depot just hours before construction equipment was stolen Nov. 12 at the nearby Cabela’s project helped crack the case.

On Jan. 17, Washington County prosecutors charged St. Paul resident Daniel George Weckman with three counts of felony burglary. He is accused of breaking into the Cabela’s construction site Nov. 12 on Hudson Road and stealing $31,827 worth of tools and electronics from trailers parked there.

According to a criminal complaint, police learned three construction trailers had been broken into after padlocks on the doors had been cut. The UPC label from the bolt cutter was discovered on the scene.

Police went to Home Depot – across a parking lot from Cabela’s – and learned that a bolt cutter had been purchased there at 8:58 p.m. Nov. 11, according to details included in a search warrant.

Woodbury police reviewed surveillance video from Home Depot, which revealed a man who looked similar to Weckman, the warrant states.

On Nov. 14, police learned that an eBay user named “danweckman” had listed several auctions for construction equipment, which matched the description of items stolen from Cabela’s.

Construction workers positively identified some of the equipment listed for sale on eBay.

Police executed a search warrant Nov. 15 at Weckman’s Margaret Street residence in St. Paul, where they found allegedly stolen items, according to court documents.

Weckman admitted to breaking into the construction trailers and stealing the items, the complaint states.

He is scheduled to make his first court appearance Feb. 20.