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Educator from the plains brought much to Ellsworth community

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education Ellsworth, 54011

Ellsworth Wisconsin 126 S. Chestnut St. 54011

With a soft-spoken, modest demeanor, Ellsworth Middle School Principal Steve Broton last week reflected on a career in education during which he's never lost sight of his roots.


Broton's assessment of his last 21 years in the local community, upon his retirement this spring, hinted it reminds him of home. At least in that its nature is still rural, although its' relatively close proximity to a metropolitan area has made him feel more comfortable in urban settings than he once was.

"I wouldn't have been able to say that when I first got here," he said Wednesday.

The North Dakota native remembered drawing a ring around the Twin Cities when he wanted to find a job someplace where he could "settle down." He'd been employed in school districts facing uncertain futures and not only longed for more stability, but a country environment similar to that in New England, N.D., where he grew up. An ad in a teacher placement publication led him to Ellsworth.

"I've loved working with the students and faculty here," he said, expressing gratefulness.

Read more in the print version of the Herald June 9.