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Ellsworth area farm girl reaches milestone at bank
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business Ellsworth, 54011
Ellsworth Wisconsin 126 S. Chestnut St. 54011

Mary Matzek has spent most of her life at home on a farm and most of it at work in a bank.

"I've been working in Ellsworth for almost 40 years," Matzek said Thursday, figuring the time that's passed since she started her first job in the village.


Had the Plum City native and farm girl stayed with that initial employer, her labor in the county seat might have been short-lived. She said she was hired after graduation from Plum City High School by Wisconsin Gas Company, which had an Ellsworth office at the time.

She did secretarial work for the firm, then located inside the building presently housing the Subway Restaurant, she said. Three years later, the local office was closed and moved to Durand.

"They wanted me there, but I liked staying here," she said.

So Matzek applied for an opening at what was then called the Bank of Ellsworth and got it in 1971, she said. Recently, she was recognized for 35 years of service to the bank with a congratulatory cake.

Read more in the print version of the Herald June 23.