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Ellsworth native completes first film

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Ellsworth, 54011
Ellsworth Wisconsin 126 S. Chestnut St. 54011

Cordero Roman has spent the last four years studying how to become a screenwriter in Los Angeles, California.

Yet, when given the opportunity to make his first film, Roman decided to use a locale far away from Hollywood: His hometown of Ellsworth.


"It gave me an excuse to come home, which is the most important because I miss Ellsworth a lot," the 2009 Ellsworth High School graduate said, as he discussed "The Rohl Farms Enterprise".

Roman explained the film focuses on the relationship between him and childhood friend Luke Rohl in the genre of "The Blair Witch Project" and

"Paranormal Activity".

"I've always loved the idea," Roman explained, "And having watched a few films do it incorrectly, I decided that I could make one that actually made sense throughout. Once we abandoned the purely documentary approach (his original intent), I wanted to take stuff from the real world like locations, people and relationships, and weave that into the narrative to make it feel even more real."

For more please read the June 5 print version of the Herald.