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Elmwood, Plum City approve co-oping for basketball
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This past winter saw the end of the Elmwood Raiders and Plum City Devils on the basketball court.

Thursday, the Elmwood School Board approved co-oping with Plum City in basketball, starting next year. The Plum City School Board met Monday night and did the same.  


The two schools previously discussed co-op in all sports last fall, but in the words of Elmwood Superintendent Paul Blanford, it was an all-or-nothing idea, and Elmwood said, thanks, but no thanks.

Elmwood revived the co-op discussions after survey projections found as few as 12 kids in grades eighth through 11 expressed an interest in going out for boys basketball next year. With those low numbers, fielding two competitive teams on the varsity and junior varsity level would be difficult, Blanford said.

And the future looks even worse, as only four seventh graders signed up this year.

“We want to be proactive before we have to do it,” Blanford said.

For more please read the April 2 print version of the Herald.