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Federal judge orders arrest of Shawano religious leader

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Pierce County Herald
Federal judge orders arrest of Shawano religious leader
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MINNEAPOLIS - A federal bankruptcy judge in Minneapolis has ordered the arrest of a Shawano religious group leader who has repeatedly made anti-Catholic slurs in her court filings.

Judge Nancy Dreher held Naomi Issacson in contempt for not appearing a hearing on whether Issacson should be sanctioned for her filings. The judge also ordered fines of five-thousand-dollars for Issacson and fellow group attorney Rebekah Nett for making allegations of quote, "bigotry, deceit, conspiracy, and scandalous statements" against the bankruptcy court.

At issue was a filing made in November in a bankruptcy case involving a subsidiary of the Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology of Shawano. Issacson and Nett both represent the group, which has long had disagreements with local officials.