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Gas prices take jump across Wisconsin following Ike

Ellsworth,Wisconsin 54011
Pierce County Herald
Gas prices take jump across Wisconsin following Ike
Ellsworth Wisconsin 126 S. Chestnut St. 54011

Gas prices took a big jump in Wisconsin this morning (Monday), as oil companies say they won't be able to make adequate supplies for now.

The Triple A said the average statewide price of unleaded regular rose 6.5 cents a gallon from Sunday. It's now at almost $3.92. reports a high of $4.29 in the state's largest metro.

Nationally, unleaded jumped 12 cents in the last few days to $3.80. That's because Hurricanes Ike and Gustav shut down most oil production near the Gulf Coast and damaged refineries in Louisiana and south Texas. Diesel fuel - which is used to transport our food and such - is holding relatively steady for now.

The Triple A's statewide price of $4.13 was just 0.2 higher than Sunday.