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He hopes Obama's 'changes' are those backers voted for


There are none making a legitimate claim our president didn't keep his promise for "change."

His main motivational reasoning for the change is much like the errant Christian who states, "The Devil made me do it," as he promotes the notion "The previous, Bush administration, made me do it."

For those of you who are not paying attention, and they are many, we are all now victims of the previous administration's "crisis." Mr. Obama had made it extremely clear, in one of his daily self promotional speeches, "Only government can fix this problem." Now that is real "change."

To simplify the mystified, one only has to remember this: It is Bush's fault, therefore, you are a victim and only I, since I am the government, can fix it. And remember if you disagree with me, then you are a racist.

This mindset has provided this administration license to quadruple the debt, take over banks and car companies, and an attempt at deconstructing any remnants of capitalism by implementing "Healthcare Reform" and "Cap and Trade." Talk about "change."

Search the name Robert Pastor and you may learn he is considered the leading architect of a plan to create a multinational union, including our country. The implications are many, including the loss of our autonomy. His plan calls for an initial placement of facilitators in all operational segments of our federal government. Could this be why we have so many new "Czars"?

He calls for improvements in our infrastructure, with a complete overhaul of our transportation system being the first step. Have you noticed the orange road signs giving credit for that road work to the federal government? Have you heard the many references, with charismatic delivery, to "Global Cooperation"?

I "hope" this is the "change" you voted for.

Scott Thomson

Maiden Rock