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He lists reasons to be skeptical of Kyoto claims


Listed below are four reasons why you should be skeptical of the Kyoto claims.

One should be very wary of the UN's yearly IPCC reports, especially the SPMs (Summary For Policy Makers), which have become notorious for their bias, tendency to overstate problems and penchant for simplifying and dramatizing scientific speculation. They "confirm" politicians' view on CO2 and global warming.

1. There has been a natural warming and cooling of the earth during its evolution (geologic time), and more recently during the Medieval Warm and Little Ice Age Periods. The overall warming of the planet over the last 10,000 years has not been caused by human production of CO2.

2. In the last 100 years, temperature increased noticeably from 1905 to 1940, with little change in CO2. From 1940 to 1975, global temperatures cooled while CO2 increased noticeably. The lack of correlation between CO2 and temperature change is clearly evident.

3. Astrophysical factors (the variation of solar radiation reaching the earth), and variations in global deep and shallow ocean currents are in large measure responsible for changes in the planet's climate.

4. The supposed main "greenhouse" gas, carbon dioxide, constitutes 0.035 percent of the atmosphere. The dominant heat trapping mechanism is water vapour, accounting for 97 percent of the so-called greenhouse effect. Moreover, it can be seen in the record of past climates derived from Antarctic ice cores, increasing in CO2 followed temperature increases, rather than preceding them, or causing them.

Ken Pazdernik, don't let the collectivist Bell brothers, Ding and Dong, stop you from writing. All they may know is Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth or worst, Michael Moore's garbage.

I haven't used my air conditioner for over a month. Also, current temperatures are 20 degrees below normal.

I am sure somewhere on them is stamped: Made in China.

Sanjeev Dhawan