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Judge rules in favor of County in zoning dispute

News Ellsworth,Wisconsin 54011
Pierce County Herald
Judge rules in favor of County in zoning dispute
Ellsworth Wisconsin 126 S. Chestnut St. 54011

Following a trial, Judge Joseph Boles ordered Delbert E. and Nancy L. Johnson, Red Wing, remove structures, except for the basement and holding tank, from their property located in a floodway area along the Mississippi River in the Town of Trenton.

The case involves a suit filed in October 2012 by Pierce County, claiming the Johnsons broke county laws when they built in a floodway.

The judge found there was construction without a permit and said the Johnsons would be fined $31,200 if the structures aren’t removed by Sept. 1. The screen porch may remain if it is relocated to a legal distance.

Boles found that, in 2010, a structure was built for human habitat in the floodway, which was a violation of county law.

According to the original complaint, the Johnsons were issued a building permit, but after construction began, county officials determined the work violated the county’s zoning code and issued a stop-work order. But, said the complaint, the Johnsons continued construction.