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Knopf enters plea of not guilty

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Ellsworth, 54011

Ellsworth Wisconsin 126 S. Chestnut St. 54011

Anne Knopf's second court appearance on Nov. 20 was just as brief as her first.

The former Prescott teacher charged with sexual assault of child had a preliminary hearing scheduled for that day. She, however, chose to waive it, thereby shortening the hearing considerably.


Her attorney, Fred Bruno, officially entered a plea of not guilty on the charge when asked by Pierce County Circuit Court Judge Robert Wing.

Her next court appearance is scheduled for 11:15 a.m. Jan. 8 in a pre-trial conference in front of Court Commissioner Julia Gehring.

The only other new information that resulted was the changing of the charge. Instead of second degree sexual assault of child, Knopf is now being charged with repeated sexual assault of same child.

Pierce County District Attorney John O'Boyle explained that since both charges are listed as a Class C Felony, the penalties will stay the same, which are, if Knopf is found guilty, a maximum of either $100,000 or 40 years prison or both.