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Letter: 4-H--our future's stimulus, he says

TO THE EDITOR: And now, for a positive news story: Fred Benson (formerly of Lund's Hardware), Jim Ross (of Flat Pennies) and Tony Huppert (of Team Oil Travel Center) enjoyed an evening with a bright spot of society's future.

The three of us were asked to judge the contestants of Pierce County's 4-H Ambassadors' program.

First of all, the four hours flew by. It is hard to figure out if it was the knowledge and intelligence of the contestants, or the actions and coaching of the 4-H Ambassador Committee, Sally Pabst, Missy Hague and Cheryl Hoffman, that caused each contestant to impress the judges.

History teaches us, no matter what one is building (a building, a government or a society), it all depends on a strong foundation.

Pierce County's future will be built on the foundation formed by Pierce County's 4-H Program. Any deviation from the support of Pierce County's 4-H Program will only knock the foundation out from under Pierce County residents' future.

Appreciation goes to the residents of Pierce County for supporting the 4-H Programs, for our youth's sake, as well as our own.