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Letter: As adjoining landowner, he favors hunting in park

TO THE EDITOR: I am a landowner with land adjoining Nugget Lake Park.

I have lived on this farm for 42 years and a few more on my parents' farm, also next to the park. As a landowner, I am in favor of hunting in the park.

There have been a couple of times in previous years that landowners adjacent to the park have attended meetings trying to get the park open for hunting. Every year, there is a certain amount of damage done to crops on land adjoining the park by deer. Then, when we hunt on our land, the deer disappear into the park.

Even if there were 40 to 50 persons hunting at any given time, you must realize that the park is more than three miles long and hunting was taking place on both sides of the lake. That makes for over six miles of land, most of which is steep hillside.

In regards to the issue of being uncontrolled hunting, this area had the same privileges, laws and standards of hunting as all areas had during the hunting season. I hunted in the park this year, five days of the nine-day gun season, and the only other hunters I saw besides the three persons in my hunting party were a father and son on two occasions. Much of the day was very quiet. I have yet to hear of any trespass problems or any other complaints. The people who hunted the park got some good exercise, some great scenery and also some nice deer. I cannot see how the park being open would lower my land values.

I would like to commend the County Parks Committee and the County Board for opening up the park for hunting.