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Letter: Be aware, defend what's important to survival, he says

TO THE EDITOR: As a blonde child from a poor family, who grew up on Chicago's south side, I was often in the minority.

That experience had a profound effect on shaping my instincts and methods to survive. People who live in this country's poor, inner-cities see the darker side of humanity and tend to develop a heightened sense of their surroundings and a strong personal defense. I wonder if the country would be better served if we all were more aware and defended that which is truly important to our survival.

A film clip was circulated on You Tube and the news circuit recently. It showed a white student being beaten by black students on a school bus. While the talking heads were focused on whether this was a "racial incident" (classified to control dialogue), I wondered why the victim would not defend himself. The average American citizen is acting like that beating victim. Recently, we seem more concerned with counting Tiger's mistresses than defending our liberty.

Unless we develop discernment, with a commitment to survival as a great nation, the new year and the new decade only hold more of the same destructive results. On Christmas day, it took a courageous passenger to see what was happening, take defensive action and save 300 lives. While the talking heads, and this administration, were focusing on whether or not this was a "terrorist act" (classified to control dialogue), I wondered about who had stopped it, and how.

2010 will likely bring more war, more terrorism, another bubble burst, more foreclosures, more job losses and another election promising change. Looking to big government to provide will fail. It will take the individual, the entrepreneur, hard working people, within a free market environment and "under God" that will save us. It is time for an awakening.