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Letter: Boles is best person for judge's job, she says

EDITOR'S NOTE: The identity of the writer of the following letter to the editor was inadvertently omitted in last week's Herald. The letter was from Charlene (Langer) Larson, Town of Diamond Bluff, Hager City. The Herald regrets and apologizes for the omission.

TO THE EDITOR: The people of River Falls and surrounding townships voted overwhelmingly for Joe Boles because they know him.

They know he is a good person. They know he treats all people with respect. They know he actively participates in community projects.  They know he tutors young people.  More importantly, they know this is the real Joe Boles.  They know he has treated people with respect and honesty all of his life.  That is why they voted overwhelmingly for Joe Boles.

I have known both of these attorneys for the past 30 years--first while serving as Pierce County register of deeds before resigning in 1983 to start a business.  This experience has allowed me to work with each of these attorneys professionally.  I live on a farm in the Town of Diamond Bluff and, like Joe, I am a lifelong resident of Pierce County.

As judge, he will follow the law--not interpret the law to his benefit, not try to influence decision making based on his personal beliefs, and not make decisions without listening to all the facts.  He is the best person for the job.

I encourage Pierce County residents to talk with people who have worked with the candidates.  They should not rely on the amount of money spent on the campaign nor the number of signs in yards.  They should learn more about the candidates and what they represent.

They will find that Joe Boles will be a judge who marks his deliberations with honesty, respect, and integrity.  Joe Boles cares about the people of Pierce County and wants to serve them as the next Pierce County circuit judge.  A wise decision would be to vote for Joe Boles on April 6. Do your part and vote Joe for Judge.