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Letter: Council appreciates support for food drive, she says


The Hunger Prevention Council of Pierce County sends huge appreciation to the mail carriers and residents of Pierce County for participating in the May 9 Letter Carrier's National Food Drive.

Mail carriers left donation bags and information at residences and, a few days later, they picked up donations left by you--the residents. This required additional coordination and effort from all and additional lifting by mail carriers.

Donations by post office were: Bay City, 490 pounds; Beldenville, 500; Ellsworth, 1,967; Elmwood, 1,122; Plum City, 549; Prescott, 2450; River Falls, 7,000; Spring Valley, 1,400.

Nationally, Americans donated a record 73.4 million pounds of non-perishable food in the Letter Carriers National Food Drive, making it the nation's largest one-day effort to combat hunger, the National Association of Letter Carriers announced. These non-perishable foods will help restock community food banks and pantries.

Pierce County Food Pantries are located in Beldenville, Ellsworth, Plum City, Prescott, River Falls and Spring Valley. Days and hours vary. Elmwood has a Mobile Food Pantry open the third Friday of each month. A utility or phone bill is needed on the first visit to verify address. For more information or to volunteer, call 273-6781, x6662.

Once again, kudos to the mail carriers and residents of Pierce County. Together, we can and do make a difference.

Sarah Johnson

Interim Coordinator

Hunger Prevention Council of Pierce County, Inc.