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Letter: Daddy/Daughter Dance made her proud of community, she says


Daddy/Daughter Dance -- just the sound of it conjures up a wonderful time for dads to emphasis their relationship with their daughter in a fun and positive way.

And that is what was evident at the dance on the 3rd of May in the Ellsworth Middle School. I was awestruck at how the girls responded to the opportunity to be just with their dad. So much dancing and attempts at dancing as the 4-foot-tall daughters slow danced with their 6-foot dads.

What a wonderful opportunity this presented. It made me proud of our community to see that 50 dads were willing to put their daughter first for an afternoon and make her feel like a princess. Way to go, dads.

Special appreciation to those who made it possible for all proceeds to go to Kids Count-Abused Children's program: Hinck's Economart for the punch, Ice Occasions for the beautiful ice punch bowl, Bob and Spring Loberg for their "Candy Bar," Harrington's Nursery for the use of an arbor, Ellsworth High School Prom Committee for use of props for the grand march, Prairie View Elementary Parent's Club for the use of the popcorn machine, Miss Ellsworth Bailey Marhoun and Princess Becca Thorson for their regal appearance, BoJo's Creations for the wonderful corsages, Ellsworth Fan Foto with Darcy Claussen for the beautiful photos of all the couples and to John Groh for announcing the couples. Without your support, the success would have been limited.

Special commendation to Lisa Groh, who saw the potential in presenting an event to nurture dads and daughters, and giving her time to make it happen. And kudos to Susan Albarado-Grand for doing an awesome job as the director of Kids Count.

Can't wait until next year.

Laurie Andrews

Hager City