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Letter: Does Prescott, Oak Grove and Clifton need a By-Pass road, he wonders

TO THE EDITOR: The City of Prescott, Townships of Oak Grove and Clifton have reviewed several alternatives on intersecting Hwys. 10, 29, 35 with a North/South corridor (see proposed map at Prescott City Hall) called a By-Pass, which cannot give access to private driveways.

WIS DOT requested a comprehensive long term plan to tie into other road projects such as roundabouts and four-lane roads into Prescott. They would not fund or approve, and the cost would be the responsibility of the city and townships. This By-Pass would consume and divide many valuable acres of farmland and development expansion. This is a high price for a road and bridge with low traffic and many restrictions of a By-Pass.

There are other alternatives that are in existence and would not use valuable land causing ecological damage. Throw out the term By-Pass with all of its restrictions and use existing connections such as Dexter (extend to 35), 1200th Street, QQ, etc. A major portion of the traffic from the North, South and East cross the bridge at Prescott and would not need to use the By-Pass. Downtown businesses depend on this traffic.

There is strong opposition to the current proposal for the North/South corridor. Use current, existing roads for connecting rather than a By-Pass with all its restrictions. Abandon filing the North/South corridor connection. It's refreshing to say we can cut spending rather than increase cost and not pass on a huge debt to future generations and taxpayers.

The next public meeting is Thursday, Nov. 17, at Prescott City Hall.