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Letter: Don't allow hunting in Nugget Lake Park again, he says

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to add my perspective to Mr. Pavloski's letter last week, "If hunt continues, surrounding land will be worthless."

I own land physically contiguous to Nugget Lake Park. I was one of the landowners polled regarding the prospect of opening the park to public hunting this past season, and I replied with "No."

Concerned about what would happen when the decision was made, I purchased 15 "No Trespassing" signs and placed them along my property. Opening morning, I watched a hunter cross the "no hunt zone" with an uncased weapon (presumably loaded), walked up to my land, put his hand on a tree with a No Trespassing sign on it and crossed into my property (over a barbed wire fence).

When I told him it was private property, his response to me was, "I can read," and very slowly went back and walked around in the no hunt zone another 30 minutes before leaving the area. Later that night, I chased three trucks off my property well after sundown.

I have never had any of these difficulties in any deer season past. I filed complaints with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department, but without a back tag number or license plates, they can do nothing.

I request the park board to not allow this again. If they choose to not take the desires and opinions of their immediate neighbors into account, then enforcement should be increased in the park to ensure that those hunting do so according to the rules established for it.

Nothing good can come from this blatant disregard for property lines and the rules established as part of the process to allow hunting in the park.