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Letter: Founders believed in diffusion of power


Thank you Mr. Arne Elofsen (May 6 Herald), for confirming my insistence that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

I am familiar with that book, "The Establishment and Limits of Civil Government," by James M. Wilson being reprinted after 160 years. I have it.

The concept in the book is unknown to the majority of Americans today. That is why government has enslaved the citizenry to ever-increasing taxation and laws, depriving inalienable rights. The Constitution was created to ensure that government did not infringe those rights by limiting government's powers. It is there to protect them, not deprive them as we see happening today.

The founders believed in the diffusion of power called federalism (states' rights as in the 10th amendment), the federal government having the least power and the local having the most power. An example is your city council, because it is more accessible to the people.

Guru Obummer, potentate in chief, and his devotees are only the next catalyst in the equation leading us to a Castro / Chavez style of economy. One thing left for him to do is to eliminate term limits, and viola "hurricane Hugo" will be in existence here. Then when all is ashes, the Phoenix hopefully will rise again.

By the way, please read the book if you have it. Don't cut and paste (to create a letter to the editor) the introduction by Dr. Archie Jones about the book you received as an ad in your e-mail without giving him the credit due.

Sanjeev Dhawan