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Letter: Global warming hysteria's based on faulty models, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Ron (Blatherer) Zaudke needs to educate himself on the issues instead of blathering about them, he would stop being duped by snake oil salesmen peddling their wares to steal his money.

Global warming hysteria is based on climate computer models that don't work.

If outgoing radiation from the atmosphere is reduced to less than the incoming radiation from the sun, heat energy will accumulate in the climate system, causing rising temperatures. The models assume CO2 emissions will cause water vapor, the strongest greenhouse gas, to increase in the upper atmosphere, trapping the radiation. They also assume clouds will trap more radiation.

But satellite and weather balloon data shows just the opposite of the climate model predictions.

The chart compares the model predicted change of outgoing radiation to the actual satellite measured change of outgoing radiation, both in response to changing sea surface temperatures. The lines show the 11 climate models prediction of decreasing outgoing radiation as temperatures rise. The line in the middle of the chart shows the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment Satellite (ERBE) observed response.

It shows that more outgoing radiation escapes to space as temperatures rise, rather than being trapped as the UN computer modelers believe. CO2 emissions do not trap much heat and do not cause significant global warming.

The straight lines you see Ron are called "Best Fit lines." Straight lines are also derived by the log scale. Remember high school math?