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Letter: Global warming progress made in some quarters, if not others, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Now there's a surprise.

Our local right-wing ranters are back to obsessing about Al Gore and the unfortunate fact that the vast majority of the world's scientists accept the reality that the earth's climate is changing based on fossil-fuel use, and at an unsustainable rate.

First, we have the usual collection of out-of-context factoids and disinformation collected from global-warming denier websites. These, of course, have absolutely nothing to do with anything the reality-based world accepts as fact-based science. They are great if you are looking for another set of corporate-funded talking points designed to create a bogus "controversy" among the gullible.

But, Ken, I must admit your ability to copy talking points from denier websites is really, really impressive. To yourself.

And then there is the latest chapter in the Chronicles of Sanjeev. I guess a guy that believes the earth is really only 6,000-years-old and that evolution is a hoax is not likely to be persuaded by any actual facts not in accordance with his own particular cosmology.

Kind of like the old "Moonies" cadging quarters at airports, or the believers in flying saucers and alien abduction--there are web-sites claiming to "prove" all of the above and a whole lot of other crackpot beliefs. Not as richly funded as the global warming denier sites, of course, but with the same cult-like mentality.

But let's not be too negative here. Some time ago, the "argument" from our local experts was that a temporary cold spell in Wisconsin disproved global warming. Most sixth graders, of course, now understand the difference between last week's weather and long-term climate change. Which, did I mention, the vast majority of the world's scientists accept?

So, progress is being made in some quarters, if not in others.