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Letter: 'Green Energy' costs taxpayers the green, he says

TO THE EDITOR: This is a list of companies that have failed after receiving billions of your tax dollars since 2008.

Amonix Solar - $20 million.

Solar Trust of America-bankrupt.

Solyndra- $500 million.

Bright Source- $1.6 billion.

LSP Energy bankrupt 2/2012.

Energy Conversion Devices 2/2012.

Abound Solar- 6/2012 $400 million.

Sun Power- owned by Total Oil, who bailed them out, is struggling.

Beacon Power - $43 million.

Ecotality-$115 million.

Evergreen Solar-$527 million.

Ener1- $100 million.

And the list goes on of companies funded by "stimulus dollars" that have failed. All told, about $36 billion worth.

Steven Chu, Obama's Energy Secretary, stated "we need to find a way to get U.S. gas prices to European levels."

They are doing a good job. Gas was $1.84 in 2008 and now it's $3.70? We need to remind them that America runs on gas. All the sun does for my car is burn my butt. I would rather eat corn or feed it to my animals than put it in my tank.